Kommande arrangemang

GEIGER-majfest @ Teater Trixter 18/5


GEIGER Marsfest @ Atalante 15-16/3

Photo: Antti Makkonen

Biljetter 80/100
Atalante, Övre Husargatan 1, Göteborg
Boka biljett: atalante.org

FREDAG 16 mars
19.00: Dörrarna öppnar
20.00: Amon Düde (FI)
21.00: Elin Piel (SE)
22.00: Louis Laraine (FR)

Lördag 17 mars
19.00: Dörrarna öppnar
19.30: Anna Svensdotter (SE)
20.30: Kristoffer Oustad (NO)
21.30: tNt – Beyond The Path (SE)
22.00: Per Åhlund/Iryna Anufryieva (SE)


GEIGER-session #38 – @ Elementstudion 26 februari


GGR Betong: Electronic Music For Chamber Orchestra vol 1

Out now! Debut release by Noise orchestra GGR Betong playing new commissions and harsh evergreens. 120 SEK including shipping! Order at https://shop.geigermusik.se


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Premiere offer! Buy the three new releases from GEIGER Grammofon for a reduced price. It’s quite a smashing smorgasbord: one plate of extra all with those crispy chamber noise orchestra sounds, a wide bowl of new commissions written for the lovely reverbing viola d’amore, and to wash it all down; a mug of modular brew.


Restoration: viola d’more – Marco Fusi

Soon available! Viola d’amore virtuos Marco Fusi plays new works by composers Ylva Lund Bergner, Øyvind Mæland, Axel Rudebeck and Johan Svensson. Preorder now. (mer…)

Sven Rånlund: La Vie Modulaire 1

Sven Rånlund: La Vie Modualire 1

New release out on GEIGER Grammofon! Debut solo cd by Sven Rånlund on modular synths. 120 SEK including shipping! Order at https://shop.geigermusik.se


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