19.00 – Doors
19.30 – Katt Hernandez (US/SE)
20.00 – Vinyl Terror, and -horror (DK) 
21.00 – GAHLMM (SE)
22.00 – Kasper T Toeplitz (FR/PL)
23.00 – CLOSING


19.00 – Doors
19.30 – THEMUS (SE)
20.30 – Christine Abdelnour & Joachim Nordwall (FR/SE)
21.00 – Cedrik Fermont (BE)
22.00 – Swedish Azz (SE/AU)
23.00 – CLOSING

Subject to changes in the program.
Teater Trixter, Andréegatan 13, Göteborg. 
Only 60 seats, book at 
100/120 SEK. Swish or cash, no card.


In the winter of 2018, a newly formed ensemble emerged on the Swedish art music scene.This ensemble is composed of six well-established musicians who in different constellations worked in duo forms and of musicians who knew each other well but had not previously played together. The unique background facilitates a wide repertoire, as the sextet can easily be divided into constellations of duo, trio, quartet, etc. At tonights concert the ensemble will also perform two spanking new pieces: one by Tony Blomdahl and one by Vinyl Terror & Horror. 

Henrik Olsson - percussions
Anna Svensdotter - flutes
My Hellgren - cello
George Kentros - violin
Lisa Ullén - piano
Mattias Petersson - electronics

Second time at GEIGER – we welcome a new and updated version of SWEDISH AZZ! New instrumentation and new material. The same basic idea is intact though: to play Swedish jazz from – primarily – the 50’s and 60’s, and to turn it into a contemporary setting and sound. To go deeper into the heritage of Swedish jazz.
SWEDISH AZZ started in 2008 and took a break in 2015 to recharge the batteries and to find new material for a new setting. SWEDISH AZZ will now dive deep into well known and unknown pieces by Eje Thelin, Per Henrik Wallin, Börje Fredriksson and of course Lars Gullin… as well as others…  To treat the wonderful melodic lines of the Swedish jazz in a respectful and loving way, by putting them in new situations, forms and structures. This is the goal and mission of Swedish Azz.

Mats Gustafsson – baritone sax and flute
Susana Santos Silva – trumpet
Alexander Zethson – piano and keyboard
Dieb 13 – turntables
Per Åke Holmlander – drums and tuba

Themus mainly performs compositions where the written scores contain theatrical indications. The ensemble insists on calling their pieces theatrical music or musique theatrale and not musical theater or theatre musical. The latter is an ambiguous term that could mean written or improvised music as an accompaniment to plays or musicals, and where the music has a second role.
The piece Voices Today by Mansoor Hosseini will be premiered this evening. The composition is written for three voices, saxophone, flute, drum kit and live electronics.
THEMUS is working with a new theatrical piece, to be premiered next year, where some of the pieces performed tonight will be included. 

Cedrik Fermont (aka C-drík, Kirdec, Cdrk) performed at GEIGER X in 2016 at BrewHouse and we are sooo happy to welcome him back to Göteborg! Cedrik is a Berlin-based Belgian-Congolese composer, musician, mastering engineer, author, radio host, concert organizer, independent researcher and label manager (at Syrphe) who operates in the field of noise, electronic and experimental music since 1989.

Cedrik’s compositions and installations vary from sound art and electroacoustic to noise, to industrial to more conventional “dance” music such as electronica or acid and so on. He also works solo and in collaborative projects, as Axiome, Tasjiil Moujahed, Ambre, with Marie Takahashi, Luong Hue Trinh, Mick Harris, and many more. He has toured extensively in Eurasia, Africa and North America, and his main research focuses on electronic, electroacoustic, experimental and noise music from Asia and Africa.
In 2017 Cedrik released together with Dimitri della Faille the book ”Not Your World Music” about noise music in South-East Asia, a publication who was the winner of the 2017 "Golden Nica" Prix Ars Electronica in the "Digital Musics & Sound Art" category.

It’s a privilege for GEIGER to finally welcome Kasper T. Toeplitz, a French composer and musician of Polish origin, born in 1960, based in Paris. Kasper has worked with academic research organizations, such as GMEM, GRM, IRCAM, and Radio-France. He has worked with the headlines of who-is-who in experimental music, such as Éliane Radigue, Zbigniew Karkowski , Dror Feiler, Tetsuo Furudate, Phill Niblock and Art Zoyd, among others.
Citing the new music composers Giacinto Scelsi and Iannis Xenakis as influences, Kasper Toeplitz early work was mostly written for traditional instruments. Later he integrated computers into his work, via the programming language Max/MSP. His experimentation with computers continued, for instance with the creation of an instrument he calls the Bass Computer, an electric bass with 5 fretted strings and 4 unfretted strings, as in the harp guitar.
Kasper T. Toeplitz has also written for dance (Myriam Gourfink, Loic Touzé, Olivia Granville, Emmanuelle Huynh, Hervé Robbe, Artefact, Christian Trouillas, Jean-Marc Matos), as well as theatre; he has always shown a great interest in literature (J'irai vers le nord, j'irai dans la nuit polaire, his first opera, was based on Sylvia Plath's texts, as was Great Expectations on Kathy Acker's texts; Ruine was composed on a François Bon text). More recently, Kasper has developed "combined" pieces, mixing light and/or video images.

Christine Abdelnour is a Lebanese sound artist based in France. After discovering improvised music in 1997, she began a process of self-taught study and sound experimentation with alto saxophone. Christine has developed a unique personal language, producing sounds that are close to those of electroacoustic music but on a purely acoustic instrument. 
Christine has approached sound as a malleable material, rich in concrete textures which combine breath, silence and countless acoustic distortions. She has toured and worked with collaborators includingMagda Mayas, Andrea Neumann, Bonnie Jones, David Stackenäs, Raymond Strid, Patrick Thormann, Sven-Åke Johansson and many more.
Joachim Nordwall lives in Gothenburg. He has a background in the Swedish experimental music scene, starting out with recordings with the psych-drone duo Alvars Orkester. Nordwall also runs iDEAL Recordings since 1998 and is collaborating with artists like Mats Gustafsson, Leif Elggren, Mark Wastell, John Duncan and Christine Abdelnour.

Vinyl -terror & -horror is the two Danish artists Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen. The artists began their collaboration as students at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Now they live and work in Berlin. The artist duo operates in the intersection between visual art and music, and their artistic practice spans from collage, sculpture and installations.
Besides doing a performance on GEIGER’s Decemberfest, they are in Gothenburg to be present at the recording of their piece, ”Break a leg”. The piece is commissioned by GAHLMM and will be included at the next record release by Geiger Grammofon, spring 2022. This would be the debut release for GAHLMM.

GEIGER welcomes Katt, an amazing violinist, improvisor, composer and researcher living in Stockholm since 2010. She’s been working with a shitload of artists during the years, most recently Fire! Orchestra, Lotte Anker’s Sub Habitat project and Klas Nevrin’s Musik i oordning-project, in addition to her solo work, and many other sudden, spontaneous configurations. Katt is currently earning a PhD in Music, where she is making a project about the Ephemeral City, and how the imagination is Bigger than gentrification and hyper-capitalism. Her playing, making and doing have been featured both locally and internationally. Before leaving the U.S., Katt was a veteran of experimental music scenes, Art Spaces and activist circles on the east coast, where she worked with a vast array of musicians, dancers, puppeteers, film-makers and other artists.